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Find insurance options that meet your individual needs.

Why seek individual insurance?

  • You are an employee whose employer doesn’t offer employer sponsored benefits
  • You are starting your own business and unsure of your individual insurance options
  • You employer-sponsored insurance is unaffordable for yourself and/or your dependents
  • You are unhappy with your current marketplace insurance, or are seeking help navigating the available marketplace options

If your employer isn’t required to offer group health coverage, or if you’re self-employed, individual health insurance is a necessity. This can be overwhelming, and individuals often panic about the costs; however, plans can be cheaper than you expect. We work hard to make sure each potential client understands the choices that best meet their individual healthcare needs and their budget, as we understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Contact us today and schedule a convenient time for a no-cost review of the options that are available both on and off the healthcare marketplace.